Since 1998, Paintball has become a passion among our professional and personal lives.

Through years of experience in organizing paintball events, we have been able to develop a professional Paintball Redball field.

The field is located 40km from the Warsaw City Center in the village of Rysie.

Redball Field occupies 8 hectares and is fully fenced and divided into two zones for safety.

Paintball poligon is 4ha area which consists of part of the forest and surface area, fitted out obstacles such as wooden ditches, shacks, ponds. The field is protected by a special mesh that protects fans from accidentally shots.

Part of recreation - here is a wooden shelter (on cold days sheltered tarp and heated up stove) which is equipped with tables and benches for about a 100 people. Each client can use the space focal or barbecue. In this area we also organize other sports activities, training or presentations.

Our clients use mostly paintball services, but they gave us the opportunity to organise family picnics and corporate parties, bachelor parties, with many additional attractions, and also outdoor wedding party.

We work with a trusted and tested catering company - Dębianka Restaurant.

Enjoy with us.

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