Everybody can play at Redball, both new and experienced players.

All necessary equipment is available for rent.

You can choose between four different types of paintball games:

  1. Closed game
    This is for people who want to play with their own group of friends. If you choose this option, please contact us by email to book a specific date and time for your game.
  2. Open game
    This is for single players or small groups of friends who wish to play on a certain date. You will find additional information on our facebook page ( You can book your game on facebook or by email.
  3. Scenario game
    This is for players who want something more than a regular paintball game. It implies sophisticated scenarios (often with historical background) and various tasks to be performed by the teams, such as rescuing prisoners, transporting key players from point A to point B or seizing or firing rockets. A scenario game often consists of two to four games of approximately 90 minutes each. When hit by a ball, players leave the battlefield to so called ‘hospitals’. After having paint marks removed, they can rejoin the game when authorised by the judge at the hospital.
  4. Corporate picnics
    For companies and commercial events, we organise scenario or paintball games that can use themes relevant to your particular business or aspirations. 

We also have recreational areas where we can organise various events for adults and children custom designed for you whether you choose to play paintball or not.


  1. Closed game (10 – 24 players)
    A minimum of 10 people are required for this game. Contact us to schedule a date and time for your game (from 9AM to 1PM and from 3PM to 7PM). A deposit is necessary at least five days before the game.
  2. Closed game (over 25 players)
    A minimum of 25 people are required for this game. Contact us to schedule a date and time for your game. A deposit is necessary at least five days before the game. For a closed game players will have the RedBall field at their disposal for the whole day, from 10AM till 8PM.
  3. Open game
    Individual players and groups of less than 10 can contact us and their names will be registered. Once a minimum of 10 people is reached, a game may be played.
  4. Scenario game
    We organise this type of game a few times every year.
    You will find all necessary information about this scenario on our forum.
  5. Corporate picnic
    For this type of event, please contact us by email.


RedBall is a commercial paintball game, with paid entry, shown on the pricelist available on the webpage

  1. Every visitor to RedBall must familiarise themselves with the these Regulations and follow the rules, as well as the safety instructions that apply.
  2. The purpose Redball is to host paintball events.
  3. Participants must be at least 16 years of age.
  4. Individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs cannot take part in the game.
  5. First time players at RedBall must undergo training. This aims at familiarising players with safety regulations and paintball rules.
  6. The game area is divided into two areas:
    a. the paintball battlefield
    b. a recreation area
  7. During each game a judge supervises and insures player safety. The number of judges depends on the number of players. Players must follow judge and organiser instructions. Players who refuse may be removed from the field.
  8. Only players wearing masks are allowed to participate. For player safety, it is strictly forbidden to take off the mask before, during the game, or when eliminated. Players who do not conform to this rule may be removed.
  9. During the game, use of pyrotechnic devices are only permitted if prior approval is given by the organizer.
  10. It is forbidden to shoot at persons not participating in the game, judges, animals, items that are not specific game targets as well as people not wearing a mask.
  11. Shooting in the recreational area is only permitted on a previously set up shooting ground. Players who do not conform to this rule may be removed.
  12. Players leaving the battlefield must secure their marker with a Barrelbag.
  13. Before each game, players using their own equipment must get the muzzle velocity of their marker checked. The muzzle velocity cannot excede 90m/s. Only players whose equipment or balls that conform to this safety requirement will be allowed to play.
  14. It is strictly forbidden to use equipment or balls that do not have the required certificates, homologation or any other authorisation required by law, as well as equipment and balls modified in any way that would threaten player safety. Players who do not conform to this rule may be removed.
  15. Participants using equipment hired from RedBall are requested to return it in an undamaged condition. The hirer will be responsible for any damage to equipment resulting from incorrect use, non conformance with Regulations or not conforming with these instructions.
  16. Participants not conforming to these Regulations or harming their own or others health will immediately be asked to leave RedBall. We will not accept responsibility for any circumstances resulting from the breach of these Regulations, especially for injury or harm to health of player’s as a result of such breach.

The RedBall Team

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